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Check-in & Track Participants

Managing participants at the event gets easier. Use CiviMobile to check-in participants at the event entrance, track their statuses, view details and roles.

Event hosts can check in participants at the event venue, either manually or automatically, by scanning participants’ tickets.

Check-in participants manually

Check-in screen is available for the event owner only. It allows event hosts to quickly search for a needed participant and mark their attendance at the event.  In one tap, user status changes from “Registered” to “Attended”. User will also need Event Owner permission to change the status of the participants on the Participants list screen of the registered event. (Pic. 11.5.1)

Pic. 11.5.1 Check-In

QR-Code Scanner

To speed up the check-in process, reduce workload and minimize human error, you can switch CiviMobile into scan mode and use a QR-Code Scanner to check in participants. The app will automatically read a unique QR-code on the ticket. This is how you reduce the risk of ticket fraud. CiviMobile will neither scan the same ticket twice nor accept an invalid ticket from another event.

Follow these steps to check-in the participants:

  • Tap the QR icon in the upper right corner.
  • The phone switches to scanner mode.
Pic. 11.5.2 QR-Code Scanner
  • Check-in a participant by scanning their ticket.
  • After a participant has been checked, the participant’s status check-box on the Participants list screen changes from “Registered” to “Attended”.

Unchecked circle means a participant has not shown up yet (status “Registered”). “Attended” status is editable.

View the list of registered contacts

Follow these steps to view the list of registered contacts for the event (Pic. 11.5.3):

  • Go to the “All Events”/“My Events” section and select the required event to be redirected to the “Event Details” section
  • The “Participants” section takes you to the Participants screen (available for users with permission to view the participants)
Pic. 11.5.3 Participants

You can also check participant statuses and roles or add new participants if necessary.