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Build Personal Agenda

Users will build their own personalized agenda of sessions that satisfy their interests and information needs. Scrolling up and down the agenda or studying the Session details, the user will be able to bookmark the session of interest as “Favorite”. All bookmarked sessions are displayed in user personal agenda (Pic. 12.3.1).

Pic. 12.3.1 Event Agenda & Personal Agenda

Follow these steps to bookmark a session as “Favorite” and add it to personal agenda:

  • Go to the Agenda Screen and browse the event agenda
  • Tap the “Star” icon next to any session to add it to personal agenda or navigate to the Session details screen (Par. 12.2) for more information and then tap the “Star” icon in the top right corner.

Go to the Agenda screen and tap the “Star” icon in the top right corner to view your personal agenda (Pic. 12.3.1).