Civimobile application

CiviMobile is a native mobile application for CiviCRM rather than a mobile version of the web design, so you will enjoy an increased processing speed, ability to continue working when you are offline and use unique smartphone features, e.g. a scanner, when using the app.

Many users of CiviCRM crave the opportunity to have organizational contacts available on the go. They prefer to access data instantly to resolve matters in a timely manner rather than stress over information overload, late updates or memory lapses. The case seems particularly vital for those on the move, doing fieldwork, traveling, commuting, etc.

Mobility can be extremely rewarding for employees, donors, volunteers, members and other users of CiviCRM. It’s a hard-to-beat benefit that brings with it a myriad of other advantages when embodied within CiviMobile:

  • Organized data
  • Streamlined fundraising campaigns
  • Optimized membership and contribution management

  • Ease of communication
  • Ease of events/cases/activities management
  • Enhanced relationships with all organization constituents

CiviMobile provides full native performance on iOS and Android platforms using all device-specific hardware. Unlike web apps, it loads quicker, works faster, supports offline mode and delivers more interactive user experience.

Demo Civimobile


Try out CiviMobile on our CiviCRM demo-site

What is CiviCRM?

CiviCRM is a free open source CRM, which best meets the needs of NGOs and nonprofits. Its out-of-the-box functionality allows organizations to manage fundraising, memberships, activities, cases, events, campaigns, etc., which are all vital components of the organizational activity. Numerous publicly available extensions, including the ones developed by Agiliway, can further enhance the software features to address the needs of your organization. Although CiviCRM is a mature CRM software, CiviMobile is the first and only mobile application developed for CiviCRM users.

What is civicrm?

CiviCRM has a growing global community of contributors, partners, sponsors who share expertise and users who demonstrate commitment to keep this open source project on track and on top

10 000+

end-users – small and large nonprofits


supported languages

24 million

event participants registered

116 million

donations processed

189 million

contacts managed

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