CiviMobile Branding Requirements

Almost there! Close to transforming the way you engage with your community…

CiviMobile branded app will adopt the look, tone and voice that fall in line with your branding and then spread the message around the globe. What’s more, users will identify your brand with ease when searching for it in AppStore, PlayMarket or in their mobile devices.

CiviMobile team will readily start integrating your branding strategy into CiviMobile app the moment you provide us with some basic information:

1. Icon

  • An icon will be used to show the branded app on different mobile devices. It means we expect you to provide the square-shape icon in one of the following vector formats – SVG, AI.

2. Logo

A logo will be displayed on the login screen of the branded app. Make sure to provide the logo in the vector format with side ratio from 1×1 and up to 4×1 (length to height). Following vector formats are accepted – SVG, AI.

3. Splash Screen

The splash screen appears while an app is launching. To give it the look of your nonprofit brand, take care to provide:

  • Rectangular shape logo of any size up to 300×300 pixels. However, we recommend side ratio from 1×1 and up to 4×1 (length to height).
  • Background color in HEX format. White color is used by default.

4. Colors

Branded colors are set for different objects on CiviMobile screens (like background, fonts, links, buttons, etc.).

You may decide to provide branded colors in HEX format or use default ones, as suggested below:

Default Color Code
Default Color Name
Main color
Secondary background
light gray
dark gray
light blue
dark blue
deep cerulean

5. Application Name

Come up with a name to be displayed on the header of the branded app instead of “CiviMobile” and used as the application name on your mobile device. We recommend using a name shorter than 12 symbols (including spaces and other specific symbols). A longer name could be partially cut on some devices.

For Example:

  • Good Name “CiviMobile” > will be displayed as “CiviMobile”
  • Bad Name “CiviMobile Client” > will be displayed as “CiviMobile Cl…”

6. Terms of Use

Terms of Use will be incorporated into the branded app. So be sure to provide the conditions and rules of your branded app usage. For reference you may check CiviMobile Terms of Use on the login screen of CiviMobile app.

7. Info for AppStore and Google PlayMarket

We’ll get your branded app featured on AppStore and Google PlayMarket to give it optimal visibility. Since publishing the application in these markets imposes specific requirements, we ask you to provide the following information:

  • Application Name for AppStore/PlayMarket. The branded app name should be up to 30 symbols (including spaces and other specific symbols).
  • Application Description for AppStore/PlayMarket. The application description will include a short description/subtitle and long full description of the branded app.
Short description
up to 80 symbols
Subtitle – up to 30 symbols
Promo text – up to 170 symbols
Full description
up to 4000 symbols
Subtitle – up to 4000 symbols
  • Screenshots for AppStore/PlayMarket. Up to 8 custom screenshots can be added to the descriptions. Find requirements to the images in the table below
Image size
  • Format – JPEG or PNG
  • Ratio – 2:1 if it is a portrait, or 16:9 for landscapes
  • Size – min 320 pixels, max 3840 pixels
  • Format – JPEG or PNG
  • Max Size – 1242 x 2688 pixels (portrait) and 2688 x 1242 pixels (landscape)

Contact us to send the information or make a request
if you need our designer’s assistance with CiviMobile branding Information