Organization constituents and employees go through the day engaging with CiviMobile over and over to add new contacts, update information, coordinate events, organize workday, renew membership, make contribution, check contact or event details, etc. Most of these tasks usually involve personal information, mission-critical data or sensitive data like credit card numbers. For this reason, security has been CiviMobile app primary concern from day one.

Secure Connection

Doing fieldwork, interacting with contacts outside the office, making contribution while on the road, working from home or at your workplace – whenever you are, fearlessly log in to CiviMobile. To ensure secure connection, all traffic from the app goes through SSL encryption preventing network eavesdropping, data breaches and intrusions.

Data Protection

Just when you found a perfect tool for managing time, data, workload, appointments, activities and deadlines, anxiety starts to creep up on you… The more data you store on your device, the more vulnerable it is. To put your worries to rest, CiviMobile is built to minimize the amount of sensitive info transmitted over the network. Passwords, credit card information aren’t stored directly on your mobile device. For an extra layer of security use distributed access control

Pin Code

Activate a 4-digit PIN code in CiviMobile and protect your data from unauthorized access, especially when your device is lost or stolen. When PIN is set, CiviMobile users are prompted to enter the PIN code whenever launching, restarting or recovering app from timeout mode. You could also enable fingerprint authorization.

Ability to disconnect from all devices

Lost your phone? Don’t panic, your data is safe. When your phone goes missing, log into CiviCRM web version to remotely log out from CiviMobile and change your account password. By cutting off access to CiviMobile and your personal information, you leave no security flaws or loopholes for malevolent activities


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market and accessible from your smartphone.

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