So what are dashboards? Dashboards are pages that provide an overview of separate part of stored data. The dashboard allows you to have immediate access to important information by displaying a combination of “dashlets” (reports which can be displayed on home dashboard). They help users track, consolidate, arrange and display information on data. In brief, this functionality opens doors to at-a-glance see how things are going on.


Have you ever experienced first-hand how hard it is to be in charge of a fundraising initiative? From now on, CiviMobile has a functionality that can automate the day-to-day workflow to boost your efficiency. The dashboard will help you manage information on gathered data, ensuring you that all app users were able to effortlessly support the initiative anytime and any place.


With Memberships Dashboard, you can significantly improve your database management. Generating summaries, tracking membership details along with creating membership lists are not a rocket science any more. On top of that, applying a wide range of filters notably reduce time spent on looking for required membership, making your work more productive.


What surveys have shown is that people tend to worry about managing their activities. Seeing that we have developed a new functionality for you. The Cases Dashboard optimizes tracking a range of related tasks with the sequence of interactions between staff members and organization constituents. Over and above, you can create, update or delete all the details any time, not to mention that the summary tab provides you with the up to date summary of the whole case involvement. To recap, the Cases Dashboard is the right thing for you to facilitate your routine.


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market and accessible from your smartphone.

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