Supporting external users

Gain new supporters while cultivating strong relationships with loyal ones. To the organization constituents and employees CiviMobile acts as a powerful tool that facilitates access to CiviCRM data, offers wide contact management opportunities, optimizes fundraising initiatives and communication channels. To unregistered users who hold dear values underlying the organization mission, CiviMobile provides the means to register in CiviCRM, read organization news, view and register for an event, get ticket and view agenda, participate in petitions, keep personal profile info so it could be further reused for other actions, check documentation and configure the app.

Read News

Keep CiviMobile users informed about the organization latest initiatives. When news RSS feed is made publicly available, you get another opportunity to speak directly to the prospects’ hearts and minds. Share organization vision and updates to ignite the spark and encourage prospects to take a step forward.

Register in CiviCRM

Give your organizational supporters an opportunity to turn into active members when, where and how it’s most convenient for them. As you embrace in-app registration, CiviMobile users will be able to register on the organization’s CiviCRM site from the mobile app, do it at a convenient time for them and in a significantly simplified manner by scanning the QR code on your site. After registration users will have access to information in their profiles, calendar and activities.

View event details and agenda

Public events are all about building community. Make sure info about events you plan is available to every potential participant, while it’s accurate and up-to-date. All events will show up for registered and unregistered users with all required details (description, start/end date, participants, contact email, address, Google map location). When one event extends through multiple dates, sessions and locations, you can also configure Agenda. Then attendees will be able to view other participants, browse agenda/speakers, bookmark sessions, create personal agenda, etc.

Register and get tickets

The app integrates with the whole event experience of every participant. Registration and ticketing process is not an exception. It’s fast and secure. With minimal swiping and navigating, users will register for free and paid event, purchase a ticket through the app, view a ticket with unique QR-code, which will speed up the check-in process on the event day.

Participate in Petitions

Seeking support from wider public? With CiviMobile petitions it gets faster and much easier to spread information, collect responses and build broader campaign. Whenever the organization launches a petition, it shows up for wide audience of registered and unregistered users. Few taps and the petition is filled out, while data processed and available for further analysis in real-time.

Keep personal profile info

Keep user profile info and settings intact for their next revisits. As user selects app settings, enters data, bookmarks favorite sessions, creates personal event agenda, the app ensures they won’t have to do it again every single time they log into the app. CiviMobile remembers saved data and settings ensuring seamless experience for anonymous users.

Configure the app

Give users more control over their app experience. CiviMobile customizes its behavior to match each user’s preferences. The app allows users to select Calendar, Cases, Events, Activities or Contacts as a start screen, set a Pin Code, enable/disable notifications, select the app language.


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market and accessible from your smartphone.

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