CiviMobile Branded App

Stand out in a crowd of organizations that lack identity. Join the list of nonprofits which choose to generate awareness about their brand. The efforts pay off. Even the least burdensome efforts, such as building a branded app for CiviCRM software, will result in:

  • gaining exposure for your organization and mission
  • establishing long-term relationships with organization members
  • developing fundraising initiatives
  • acquiring new members, etc.

Getting a branded version of CiviMobile app means obtaining an entirely new app with:

  • Organization name instead of CiviMobile
  • Organization logo
  • Organization colors
  • Organization Domain
  • Terms of Use are updated for the customer
  • Publishing new app on Google PlayMarket and AppStore

  • Publishing the branded app on our profiles on PlayMarket and AppStore
  • Adding customer descriptions on PlayMarket and AppStore
  • Keeping the app on our profile at AppStore and Google PlayMarket
  • Upgrading the branded app to newer versions of CiviMobile
  • Adding custom functionality

Get started with CiviMobile branded app and make a personal connection with your organizational contacts instantly