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CiviMobile enables whole event management process on your mobile device starting from registering first visitors to participants check-in at the event venue. Particularly, CiviMObile allows:

  • Register yourselves and other participants for events
  • View participants list
  • View participant details, update status of participants
  • Generate event tickets with a QR-code
  • Check-in participants at the event venue
  • Automate check-in process by scanning participant tickets with unique QR-codes

Registration For an Event

CiviMobile allows you to register yourselves for an event in one click. You can also register others for both free and paid events assuming you have corresponding permission. Even more, you can register multiple participants at the same time, set up their roles, and select fee option (in case of a paid event).


After registering for an event, the system will automatically generate a ticket with unique QR-code for each participant. A participant can view one’s ticket at CiviMobile app and receive a copy of the ticket by email. Later you can present your ticket at the entrance of the event venue.

View and Manage Participants

With CiviMobile app, it got easier to track participants and check their statuses. You can see who is registered for an event and if you are the event host you can also add new participants or manage their statuses if necessary. Along with that, you can check the participant details and roles.


Special Check-In functionality allows speed up participants check in process at the event venue. Here, the event host can quickly search for a needed participant and mark his attendance at the event just with one click.
This functionality is fast and allows processing even a big flow of participants in a quick manner.

QR-Code Scanner

You just need to switch CiviMobile into scan mode and the app will automatically read a unique QR-code on the ticket. It will find a required participant and mark his show-up at the event.
As a result, you can reduce workload, save time, and speed up the organizational processes.


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market accessible from your smartphone.

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