Frequently Asked Questions

What is CiviMobile?

CiviMobile is a native mobile application for CiviCRM. It is not mobile version of CiviCRM website. This means that you need to install CiviMobile application to your mobile device from Google Play or AppStore. Then CiviMobile will connect to your CiviCRM server so you can continue using your CRM data still benefiting all advantages of mobile device.

Why is it better to use CiviMobile than run CiviCRM on my mobile device?

If you ever tried to run CiviCRM on your smartphone then you should admit that CiviCRM is not adopted for mobile, so it is hardly possible (and sometimes not possible at all) to work with the CRM on the mobile phone. In contrast, CiviMobile is a mobile application which is built for mobile usage and employs all benefits of mobile devices including:

  • UI and functionality are adopted to mobile usage
  • CiviMobile works much faster
  • CiviMobile provides access to specific tools of your mobile device including:
    • navigation
    • one-click phone call
    • QR scanner
  • CiviMobile allows working offline

So, the ideal configuration is to work with CiviCRM on your desktop computer in your office and use CiviMobile outside of the office when traveling, participating in external events, or meeting other.

There are two extensions CiviMobile and CiviMobileAPI. Which one should I use?

Yes, there are two extensions with similar names which may cause confusion. You need to install CiviMobileAPI extension (, not CiviMobile extension.

What version of CiviCRM is CiviMobile compatible with?

CiviMobile app is compatible with all versions of CiviCRM starting CiviCRM ver 4.7 and higher.

What version of iOS/Android do I need in order to use CiviMobile?

You need to have Android version 5.0 or higher. Either you need to have iOS 9.0 or later. Also, you can check this information on Google Play or AppStore.

What do I need to do to start using CiviMobile for my CiviCRM?

It very easy to start using CiviMobile application for your CiviCRM. You just need to deploy CiviMobileAPI extension to you CiviCRM server and install CiviMobile app to your mobile device from Google Play or AppStore.

The installation process may differ depending on CMS you use, so we prepared a very detailed guide How to Start with CiviMobile. Please follow the steps and enjoy using CiviMobile for your organization.

I care about my data. How secure is CiviMobile?

1.Logout from mobile
Suppose you lost your mobile phone, where you are authorized in the CiviMobile application, don’t worry. You can logout from CiviMobile application via web version CiviCRM. For this, you need to login into web version, go to your profile. Then, choose CiviMobile menu on your profile and click Logout. After these easy steps, you’ll be logged out from your account in CiviMobile.

2.Two-step authentication
You can use Two-step authentication to improve your security in CiviMobile. It means that a user has to confirm their phone number in the login page. After a user writes a phone number, the system verifies this number and the number from the user profile. If these numbers are the same, the SMS code will be sent to the user phone. If the SMS code is entered right,  the user can login into the application. Please send the request to and we will help you to install this functionality.

One of the important security features is permission. For example, if your system has many user roles and each role has unique permission to the system, you need to configure permissions correctly. This is done to ensure that, for example, the user does not have access to certain modules that managers have. The Permission Table helps you to configure permissions.

4.ACL Roles
Unlike CMS permissions, ACL roles give more fine-grained permissions. ACL roles give or restrict access to specific CiviCRM components to certain groups of contacts.

5.Data storage on the client-server
The CiviMobileAPI extension uses an API for connects to the client CiviCRM only. So, all client’s data is stored on the client’s server. We recommend using a HTTPS protocol for greater security.

Do I have to register to use CiviMobile?

CiviMobile supports unregistered users. Provided the nonprofit organization activates CiviMobile Public Area functionality, unregistered users will be able to view and register for public events. If allowed, unauthenticated users can also register in the system from the mobile app.

What languages does CiviMobile support?

As of now CiviMobile app supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish and Ukrainian.

Every time new features are developed new lines of text are added.  You may volunteer to translate those new strings into your language. Please visit for detailed instructions.

If you do not see your language just yet in the list of language projects, please send the request to and we will create the specific language project on

I got “Unknown error” or “Server API Error” when trying to login

Sometimes you may receive “Unknown Error” message when trying to login to CiviMobile. In most cases this is caused by incorrect configuration of CiviMobileAPI extension on CiviCRM server. If you get such message, then:

  • Check that you have proper extension installed on you server. You should install CiviMobileAPI extension (, not CiviMobile extension
  • If you use WordPress CMS, please make sure to install CiviCRM WP REST API Wrapper plugin for WordPress
  • Check that you specify proper URL in the Website URL field on the login screen – it should be the same URL as the one you use to login CiviCRM in your web browser
  • Check that you have enough privileges to login – please see Required Permissions
  • Check whether you are using some custom components instead of native CMS configurations. E.g. database-tool MightySites (Joomla extension) and CiviMobile are not compatible

You can find more detailed information about CiviMobileAPI extension installation here.

If this error persists then please feel free to contact us by filling issue report form and our specialists will help you asap.

When I try to connect to my CiviCRM website I get “the API extension too old error”

Make sure the extension folder name is com.agiliway.civimobileapi without “-4.0” or “-master” or any other suffix.

After installing CiviMobile extension on CiviCRM I am getting “You are using CiviMobile v0.0.0 ….” error message when accessing the CiviMobile extension settings screen?

The error message pops up if CiviMobile extension have been installed into an incorrect folder. Be sure to move CiviMobile extension to your CiviCRM extensions folder
sites/default/files/civicrm/ext or sites/all/files/civicrm/ext, etc.

CiviMobile app works but shows only part of listed functionality

Make sure you made all needed configurations:

  1. To verify that all CiviCRM modules (like CiviEvent or CiviMember) are installed, go to “Administer” > “System Setting” > “Components” and ensure appropriate boxes are checked
  2. To verify that permissions are set correctly for authenticated and anonymous users, check the Permissions page
  3. To check user roles and permissions related to those roles, go to “Administer” > “Users and Permissions” > “[CMS name] Access Control”
How to email event ticket with QR Code to registrants?

To activate QR code registration option for the event, you need to enable specific check-box on the Event creation form:

Now QR-code will be automatically added to the System Message templates that will be sent automatically to registered participants. For more information please check CiviMobile user guide (Ticketing section).

How do I enable Push Notifications?

To activate Push Notifications for your CiviCRM server you must register at and generate your own Server Key.

For more detailed instructions, please check CiviMobile user guide (“Push Notifications” section).

To better understand the activation process, the reasons behind required registration and why Server Key is a prerequisite, please read our blog post.

Can I make my personal version of the mobile app with my organization logo, colors, etc?

Yes, we can build custom mobile application for your organization which will include your organization logo and icon, your organization name for the app, your colors, domain (built-in without possibility to change), your privacy terms. Please send your request to