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Civimobile application

CiviMobile is a native mobile application that allows CiviCRM users to leverage the combined benefits of the software and their smartphones.

When mobile devices have become our reliable organizers and companions, wouldn’t it be great to use them to improve organizational processes while boosting personal efficiency and time management? Using the mobile app for CiviCRM means easily adding or dialing organizational contacts, managing activities, cases and events – something members need and lack most when doing fieldwork.


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market and accessible from your smartphone.

Our Benefits

Keep CiviCRM data organized and always at hand

When your contacts are all kept in one place, properly grouped and aptly tagged in your nonprofit CRM, contact management is no sweat anymore. CiviMobile app will add the ability to make appointments, take follow-up notes, monitor scheduled tasks within cases, create comprehensive profiles with custom parameters, get latest updates while all this can be done at speed and on the road. CiviCRM mobile app will put your mind at rest that you have everything under control.

Make the most of your fundraising initiatives

Fundraising gets more effective when wide event planning and donor management functionality your charity CRM offers is readily available on your mobile device. CiviMobile app optimizes fundraising management through instant event registration, check-in and ticket scanning, event list display with detailed event agenda, Google Map location, etc. Easily access and manage the history of contributions and all instances of engagement with NGO within CiviMobile.

Enhance interaction channels

CiviMobile functions as a direct channel to organization’s constituents. For one thing, donors, volunteers, subcontractors, members and dedicated team get the required information on time and from anywhere. And, for another, CiviCRM mobile is a rich source of information about organization’s constituents and their interaction with NGO.

Benefit from seamless Integration with CiviCRM

CiviMobile and CiviCRM function together seamlessly with no professional help required to make your nonprofit CRM software support CiviCRM mobile app. It takes a few clicks before you experience the power of free CRM software on your smartphone. Built as a native mobile app for charity CRM, CiviMobile is not only fully responsive and compatible with any mobile device, it fully leverages its capabilities and hardware, e.g. GPS, camera, phone, touchscreen, QR code support, etc.

Spread awareness about your NGO with branded app

CiviMobile is highly customizable to fit specific needs of nonprofit CRM software users, while its branded version offers a unique possibility to reach potential members, donors and supporters. Featured on the app store with its multiple touchpoints, a branded copy with customer name, logo, colors and terms of use gets visible to your target groups. Easier app discovery, more engaged users and members directly translate to building trust, promoting growth and standing out from the crowd.

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CiviMobile Features

  • Contacts
  • Profiles
  • Graphical Calendar
  • Events
  • Participants Managements
  • Event Check-In
  • Map Navigation
  • Membership
  • Relationships
  • Contributions
  • Activities
  • Cases
  • Custom Fields
  • Groups and Tags
  • Push Notifications
  • News
  • Settings
  • Working Offline

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Transform CiviMobile into your organization’s personalized app with your own branding

How to Start

Start using CiviMobile in just four short steps:

Install CiviMobile API extension on the server

Install CiviMobile app into your smartphone

Open CiviMobile app on your device and login

Enjoy using the mobile app for the best CRM!

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