We are glad to present CiviMobile – a mobile application for the best CRM for Nonprofits

Civimobile application

CiviMobile is a native mobile application that allows CiviCRM users to leverage the combined benefits of the software and their smartphones.

When mobile devices have become our reliable organisers and companions, wouldn’t it be great to use them to improve organisational processes while boosting personal efficiency and time management? Using the mobile app for CiviCRM means easily adding or dialing organisational contacts, managing activities, cases and events – something members need and lack most when doing fieldwork.

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CiviMobile Features

Civimobile feature - Profiles

  • Contacts
  • Profiles
  • Graphical Calendar
  • Events
  • Participants Managements
  • Event Check-In
  • Map Navigation
  • Membership
  • Relationships
  • Contributions
  • Activities
  • Cases
  • Custom Fields
  • Groups and Tags
  • Settings
  • Working Offline

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How to Start

Start using CiviMobile in just four short steps:

Install special API extension on the server

Install CiviMobile app into your smartphone

Open the app on your device and login

Enjoy using the mobile app for the best CRM!


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market accessible from your smartphone.

Demo Civimobile


Try out CiviMobile on our CiviCRM demo-site

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We are constantly working on CiviMobile to build a successful experience for users. Thus, your feedback – recommendations, suggestions, comments and any other opinions regarding CiviMobile – would be greatly appreciated. Please complete this form to help us improve the mobile app we provide to you.

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Agiliway is an expert in software development and consulting services. We are an official partner of CiviCRM and regularly contribute to the community providing top-notch solutions to CiviCRM users.

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