CiviMobile Features

Civimobile feature - Security


CiviMobile protects your data on the highest level. It has a user identification system that allows a secure connection between your device and a CiviCRM database. All transmitted and cached data are encrypted. PIN code is another safeguard against unauthorized access to data on your device. For your convenience, you use the same login information as for a web version. If your CiviCRM has a distributed access control, it will be supported in the mobile application too.


Just imagine that you can find the right contacts in your smartphone and dial them right away! You may easily search by name or look through all or recent CiviCRM contacts to find the one you need. Have met a new volunteer or subcontractor? Create a new contact of any type in the system on the go. No more notes or typing phone numbers from a PC screen – with CiviMobile, a comprehensive contact book is already on your device.

Civimobile feature - Contacts
Civimobile feature - Contact Sync

Contact Sync

Create new contact record in CiviMobile and have it synced to contact list on your device. Importing contacts with just one tap spares time for connections, reduces the risk of data error when creating an entry and makes it possible to identify incoming calls from CRM contacts. Keep up-to-date contact information in CiviMobile app and in your contact book always in sync


The mobile app for CiviCRM will allow you to add, view and update the profiles of individual members, households and branch organisations. Members’ profiles display comprehensive information about the contacts: organisations they belong to, their addresses, phone numbers and links to websites and social media profiles, membership and relationship details. You may also leave custom notes on your personal and other users’ profiles as well as manage their visibility.

Civimobile feature - Profiles
Civimobile feature - Graphical Calendar

Graphical Calendar

Stay on top of your schedule with CiviCalendar displaying all of your events, activities and cases in a user-friendly format. Filter your plans by types or dates for better visibility and access the details of your events, cases and activities directly from the calendar. A sleek design and the use of colors to distinguish between plan types make daily time management easy and pleasant.


Using CiviMobile app, you can view all of the organisational events and subscribe to the one you want to attend. An ability to filter all events by type, date or title will certainly make the choice easier for you. What is more, you will easily view their details on the go as the app offers immediate access to your past and future events. In addition, the app allows sharing the event and switching to navigation to easily find the event location.

Civimobile feature - Events
Civimobile feature - Event Agenda

Event Agenda

Stop playing small! Start planning events that span multiple sessions, days and locations. Event Agenda completes your event planning toolkit so that attendees could reference the agenda at any time, view session details, add sessions to favorites, create personal schedule, learn more about speakers, check all event venues and venue plans on demand. Strong connections take time, make your events longer and info-richer

Participants Management

With CiviMobile you can register yourself or others for an event and receive a ticket with a unique QR code participants can use at the entrance. You can also view and manage participants of the events to check their profiles, roles, and statuses. Check-in functionality will allow you to easily mark participants who attended an event, while a built-in QR scanner will make check-in process quicker and reliable.

Civimobile feature - Participants
Civimobile feature - Map Navigation

Map Navigation

CiviMobile will help you find direction to organisational offices and events locations. All you have to do is just tap on the map displaying the addresses in the CiviMobile app. Choose the best route and receive turn-by-turn guidance to easily reach the necessary location.

In-app Payment

Make fast and secure transactions within the mobile app. CiviMobile in-app payment is set up, powered by trusted mobile payment systems. Now event attendees will register for paid events fast with no risk of personal data interception, no hassle of writing down card number or entering card details for every transaction. Upgrade to the CiviMobile-based payment for smooth user experience and greater convenience.

Civimobile feature - In-App Payment
Civimobile feature - Membership


CiviMobile allows viewing your current membership statuses and membership statuses of your contacts. Once the membership is about to expire, you can renew it in one click using your mobile phone so that you never lose the associated benefits or privilege.


View and create new relationships directly through the CiviMobile app to establish a clear connection between contacts. What’s more, this feature helps to easily access all contacts you are related to via cases.

Civimobile feature - Relationships
Civimobile feature - Contributions


Do you want to know how much you have actually spent on membership dues, donations or events? CiviMobile gives a quick access to the history of your contributions showing details on the date, the amount and the type of your payment. The app also calculates totals and averages for you.


With CiviMobile, you can view activities and details on them, update activity information, as well as add a new activity to the case. Assign or reassign activities to particular users right away To make sure the work is done on time, assign or reassign activities to particular users right away. Keep track of the priority status for effective time management anywhere and anytime.

Civimobile feature - Activities
Civimobile feature - Cases


View all the cases you are working on or find a particular one filtering all the options by title, type or date. You can access detailed information on each case immediately during fieldwork and see who else is working on it for effective cooperation. Update the activities and assign them to responsible persons for successful and timely resolution of each case.

Custom Fields

In addition to standard fields, CiviMobile also supports custom fields. All custom fields that are configured in CiviCRM will aslo be displayed in the mobile app and users will be able to view and edit the information on smartphone.

Civimobile feature - Custom Fields
Civimobile feature - Groups


Organize contacts in groups to streamline recurring tasks. When you need to set up access rights, share documents, send an email or invitation to a group of individuals or a person from a group, CiviMobile Groups functionality is here for your convenience. Within a group contacts are treated as one entity and for this reason are easily identified and managed.


Cut through the maze of contacts by using tags. Tagging contacts that share specific common characteristics allows for a more refined search of CiviCRM database. View, add or delete tags to be able to categorize contacts based on their interests, activities, location etc.

Civimobile feature - Tags
Civimobile feature - Public Area

Public Area

Engage wider audience for your cause with CiviMobile Public Area functionality. Once enabled by admin, it offers an opportunity for anonymous users to view and register for public events or register in CiviCRM. Users who are not logged in CiviCRM enter website URL or scan QR code on the website and get the access to all public events. App also supports registration in CiviCRM from mobile client

News Feed 

Build audience for your website and support for your mission with CiviMobile News feed. CiviMobile will act as a feed reader bringing news updates from your website directly to registered and unregistered mobile app users. The initiatives and news you share will be displayed as a stream of the latest updates with title, description, metadata and link to a website. 

Civimobile feature - News Feed
Civimobile feature - Surveys


Expect speed, convenience and real-time data processing when planning and conducting surveys with CiviMobile. Whatever needs to be done – checking survey details, compiling respondent lists, viewing or updating contact information, assigning interviewers, tracking respondents by status, capturing responses in real-time – can be accomplished on interviewer’s mobile devices at once.


Tap is all it takes for CiviMobile users to make their voices heard. CiviMobile Petitions functionality brings together a wide audience of both registered and unregistered users in support of an organization initiative. Users will sign a petition, respond to an in-app survey at their own time, pace with no third-party involved. Tap to make a change.

Civimobile feature - Petitions
Civimobile feature - Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Activate push notifications to send alerts and reminders to users. Even when CiviMobile app is not running in the foreground, the messages will appear on mobile devices notifying target users when their activities get edited, new tasks assigned, relationships created, event registration deleted, etc. Push notifications will reach only the right users with the most up-to-date information


A Settings screen allows customizing the CiviCRM application to your needs and preferences. For example, you may choose a language of your app so that it does not have to be a default mobile phone language. You may also choose a start screen that you will see first when opening the app.

Civimobile feature - Working offline
Civimobile feature - Settings

Working Offline

CiviMobile supports all the mentioned features regardless internet access availability. When offline, you will work with cached data. Please notice that all the updates you make will be not stored in the cache and not merge with CiviCRM database after the connection resumes.

New features and further improvements are planned for the next releases of CiviMobile

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