Organizing my Work

Organized, focused, productive…. there is a chance those attributes will remain someone else’s assets unless you take the reins of your time, to-do-lists, note-taking, information overload, etc. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not helpful to organization initiatives if all required info is scattered across multiple spreadsheets, different tools and notebooks. With CiviMobile you have everything you require to better organize your work within one app. You have all information always at hand when you need it, calendar with all planned activities, reminders about upcoming activities, an ability to plan activities on the go or find, call and e-mail a contact in an instant, navigate to the destination location with your mobile device, have access to info when Internet coverage is poor etc. Use CiviMobile to organize your work and be your best self.


When planning your day/week/month for maximum productivity, CiviMobile Calendar will maintain a clear picture for you. Not only will it help to keep tabs on all appointments, plans, to-do lists or due dates and do it conveniently in a graphic user-friendly way but you also will be able to filter items in the Calendar, check your contact’s availability from your mobile device and arrange future meet-ups on the go. One tap on the corresponding item in the calendar will bring in view all details about selected event/activity.

Add & plan activities

Leave no loose ends when interacting with organization constituents or pursuing organization initiatives. As you schedule follow-up appointments with supporters or calls with contacts, track staff member activities, plan drafting initiatives, implementing programs, providing personalized care, articulating the organization’s position to the membership etc. – create an activity in CiviMobile and have all necessary details (name, start date, duration, status, activity type, priority and contacts involved) always at hand.

Receive notifications

Tired of checking for important updates in CiviCRM every now and then? You may now breathe a sigh of relief. Every time new tasks or roles are assigned, activities within cases created or edited, participants register for events, etc. CiviMobile will send notifications. Relevant updates will show up on user lock screen even when the app is not running.

Conduct surveys

Increase your team canvassing efficiency and speed up decision-making within an organization. Interviewers have all necessary means at their fingerprints for planning and conducting surveys. The functionality allows compiling respondent lists, viewing survey details, checking contact information, tracking respondents by status and capturing responses on the go. Equipped with real-time survey results, organizations will address issues and start initiatives while they are still relevant


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market and accessible from your smartphone.

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