CiviMobile Localization

Join our team to make CiviMobile speak your language

You’ve tried CiviMobile app and now wish it were available in your preferred language? You use CiviMobile app on a daily basis and consider customizing it for your language needs? Think of CiviMobile as a means of building strong community and connecting in a more meaningful way?

We invite you to join our localization project and help us adapt CiviMobile to your language needs

As CiviMobile global reach keeps expanding, so does a picklist of languages the app has been localized for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, etc are already on the list which keeps growing. With every new release new text strings are regularly added placing further demands on the existing localization project.
How it Works

Follow these steps to make your own contribution as a translator:

  1. Go to 
  2. Create a free account or sign up using your social media profiles, GitHub, or GitLab profiles
  3. Select the needed language to access files for translation In case your target language is missing from the suggested scope of language projects, please send us a request and we’ll create the specific language project
  4. Click any en.json file to translate the missing strings
  5. Translation is made in the Online Editor (detailed instruction here
  6. Enter translation and click "Save"
  7. Repeat for all en.json files

After the manager’s approval your translation is added to the system

Add the final touch to your CiviMobile localization project by adapting   CiviMobileApi extension to the preferred language 
Once you decide to go the extra mile to reach the perfect balance of CiviMobile functionality with usability, think of helping your community localize CiviMobileApi extension. Join a translation team and collaborate on the project to ensure that admin settings, error messages and system status messages will show up in your preferred language.
How it Works

Follow these steps to join the CiviMobileApi extension localization project:

  1. Go to 
  2. Create a free account or sign up using your LinkedIn, GitHub or GitLab profiles
  3. Follow the link
  4. Click on Resources tab and select CiviMobileApi
  5. Select a language and press Translate 
  6. Click Save Translation when the string is translated

Get involved to be the help your community needs.

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