Work with my Contacts

Once you have CiviCRM in place for contact data management, you have solid ground for building sustained and successful interactions with organization constituents. Make sure the employees doing fieldwork will find no rocks to stumble on either. For officers working out of the office CiviMobile offers an extended range of contact management capabilities, coupled with a set of important features peculiar to native mobile apps.

Easily search for a contact

As your organization is growing, members are joining, supporters are turning into fundraisers, little by little your contact base expands to massive proportions. Even so, searching for a contact remains as easy as always. Tap to filter your contact list by a name, type, group or tag to find the right contact fast and go on to other activities, like calling a contact, updating a profile, viewing contact information, etc. in an instant

View and update contacts

View or edit contacts conveniently and without delay on your mobile device when having a meeting with a supporter, socializing at the conference, commuting, listening to speakers at different events, arranging future meet-ups, etc. When all contact details are easily accessible, editable and stored in one place, you have strong backing at any meeting.

Add new contacts

Create new profiles at the exact moment the contacts are made. Your paths may cross unexpectedly at an event, in an airport, as you step across your office threshold, so be ready to add new profile as you speak. Forget the days when you collected business cards, noted down contact details on a paper scrap or waited until you were back at the office to add info to CiviCRM.

View contact info

Out with the old “I’m not at my desk. I’ll have to check and call you later today “, “I’m not in the office. Can I email it to you later?”, “I’m on the road”, etc. Have immediate access to your own and contact data, namely:
• Activities – track and edit contact activities
• Relationships – add, view or edit relationships between contacts
• Memberships – check and renew your contact membership status
• Contributions – view your contact contribution history
• Notes – add important info from appointments and calls with contacts
• Groups – view groups a contact is assigned to or place a contact into relevant groups
• Tags – view tags classifying a contact or classify a contact with relevant tags

One tap to call

There are occasions when one fast timely call saves the deal or face. When appointment time is close, yet you get distracted by other events, lose the track of time, run into heavy traffic, location turns out to be distant, emergency situation requires to prioritize over the meeting, details skipped your mind etc. have your contact list always at hand to reach your intended call recipient with a single tap.

Sync with phone contact book

Tap to sync CiviMobile contact records to the contact book on your device. As of now CiviMobile will continue automatically updating the contact info on your device any time a contact record is changed in CiviCRM. The feature is particularly essential for users who prefer to have incoming calls from certain organization contacts identified. Synchronization process is fast and automated what saves time and prevents manual data entry errors.


Reduce time and stress associated with doing fieldwork and visiting contacts when carrying out a door to door canvassing campaign in another city or country. With CiviMobile navigation you’ll easily create the route to the destination location and won’t find yourself late, disorganized or disoriented. CiviMobile navigation will keep your team on track.


CiviMobile app is available from App Store / Google Play Market and accessible from your smartphone.

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