CiviMobile Roadmap


CiviMobile will make it possible for users to make payments for events, give membership dues and make charitable contributions

Event agenda

The app will allow a user to view an event agenda. Agenda will be a kind of a calendar with multiple sessions. Each session supports more detailed information upon a click. 

Event Expo

Expo functionality will present the list of companies/exhibitors with more detailed information,  such as name, logo, location, description, etc.

Survey Support

CiviMobile will also function as a survey tool for collecting and storing survey data

Sharing Organization News

Another stop on a CiviMobile roadmap will be made to allow viewing the latest news from the organization.

Contacts Synchronization with Mobile Device

In one click user will sync contacts with a phone. When new contacts are created or contact info updated, the changes will show up in user’s mobile devices.

Business Card Scanner

When implemented, business card scanner will transfer names, phone numbers, company positions, email addresses and websites from a card onto a mobile device.

As we continue to prioritize features and improvements for the next releases of CiviMobile, share your ideas and help us set the objective that best responds to your organizational needs