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Push Notifications

Make sure to receive the most up-to-date information with CiviMobile push notifications. Pop-up messages will appear on the screen of the mobile device with reminders and updates about user-related activities in CiviCRM system. Such activities will include creating cases, editing activities in cases, participants for events, adding new roles, etc. The alerts pop up even when the app isn’t running or is set in the background.

To opt-in for push notifications, users need to accept app request for push permission (Pic. 5.1), while admin will activate push notifications in CiviCRM system.

Pic. 5.1 Push Notifications

Follow these steps to activate push notifications in CiviCRM:

  • Go to a user profile or create one on https://civimobile.org/partner/
  • Click the eye-shaped icon to copy a unique key that identifies your CiviCRM (click Add New button to add the domain of other CiviCRM websites you operate and view a unique key for each)
  • Enter the key server on CiviMobileAPI Setting Page of your CiviCRM
Pic. 5.2 CiviMobileAPI Setting Page