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View Event Agenda & Session Details

A tap on the “Sessions” button in the “Agenda” section will bring into view the calendar with the event schedule. On the agenda screen, the user will see all sessions scheduled into an allotted time.

Pic. 12.2.1 Event Agenda & Session Details

The session list is available on the Agenda screen (Pic. 12.2.1) with the following details:

  • date (user can switch date on the screen)
  • start/end time (user can scroll up and down the list)
  • venue (user can swipe right and left when white gradient overlay layer is shown)
  • session topic, description, and speakers
  • star icon for favorite sessions

If the user clicks on a specific session in the calendar, the Session Details screen appears with details about this session, like:

  • title
  • time and date
  • description
  • speakers
  • redirect to speaker profiles

To have Event Agenda and Session details displayed in the mobile app, configure the event schedule and session details first in CiviCRM:

  • Create an event from CiviCRM admin penal, change active tab to “Agenda” and click the checkbox “Allow Event Agenda” (Par. 12.1).
  • Switch to the “Sessions” tab and click “Add Session” button (Pic. 12.1.2).
  • Fill in the required fields (Pic. 12.2.2).
Pic. 12.2.2 Add Session Pop-Up

The session will be added to the event agenda.