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Online vs. Offline Mode

Have access to data anytime and from any place as CiviMobile app can run in online and offline mode. Contrary to CiviCRM web version, CiviMobile is a native mobile application which performs faster on a smartphone, more efficiently and works independently of the web.

When online, you are directly connected to CiviCRM database with unlimited access to real-time data. The app will also store data in your mobile device.

CiviMobile can be used offline. So when the field agents work outside the office interacting with potential constituents, supervising the volunteers’ work done on-site, assigning duties to field staff, visiting contacts that are not available through direct mail, e-mail, and the Internet, etc. they still have access to all CiviCRM data.

When offline, you are still able to access and work with your data, make changes (e.g., add and update contacts, activities, events, memberships, relationships). Please, note that when an internet connection resumes, mobile, and WEB version will NOT be synchronized and all changes you made will NOT be reflected in your WEB version.