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ACL Roles

ACL roles assign a different access level to specific CiviCRM components to certain groups of contacts. Contrary to CMS permissions, such greater precision in permissions is particularly important for organizations with hierarchically structured roles; with geographically distributed branches and several levels of management; with units requiring custom information; with units responsible for separate tasks.

Follow these steps to configuring ACLs in CiviCRM (Pic. 3.3.1):

  • Create roles according to tasks performed and responsibilities held by organization employees and constituents  (Administer > User and Permissions > Permissions (Access Control)) > Manage ACL Roles
  • Assign role to a group of users (Administer > User and Permissions > Permissions (Access Control)) > Assign users
  • Assign permissions to these roles defining a varying level of access to data (Administer > User and Permissions > Permissions (Access Control)) > Manage ACLs
Pic. 3.3.1 Manage ACLs

When ACL roles are configured in CiviCRM, CiviMobile users with different roles (e.g “Campaign Manager”) have wider or limited access to view/edit a specific group of contacts (e.g “Common Cause staff”), profile (e.g “Supporter profile”), a set of custom fields (“Public info”), event (e.g “2020 Non-profit Technology Conference”) or all groups, profiles, custom fields, events.