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Filter Reserved Respondent list

The group of respondents reserved for the survey and assigned to interviewers is displayed as a filterable list of contacts on the Reserved respondents screen.

A tap on the respondent count of the Survey details screen will open a list of reserved respondents for you (logged-in user) or selected interviewer (“Interviewer: Contact Name” will show the name of the interviewer for the respondent list).

The list will include the following details about user’s or interviewer’s respondents:

  • Interviewer: Contact Name  (“Change” will be displayed if you have required
    permissions to view/assign other interviewers. Otherwise, “Change” will not be available and your (logged-in user) contact name and the respondent list will be displayed)
  • Avatar
  • Contact name
  • Street address
  • Status: Reserved, Interviewed (any result), GO TV

Find the “Filter” icon on the upper right of the Reserved respondents screen and tap it turn on filter views. Respondents can be filtered by:

  • Interviewer
  • Contact name
  • Contact type(s) (individual, household, organization)
  • Group(s)
  • Street address
  • City
  • Status (Reserved, Interviewed, GO TV).
Pic.16.4.1 Filtering reserved respondents