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View Event Details

A list of all events created in the system, sorted by date, will be displayed on the Events List screen with two available sections: My Events, All events.

Follow these steps to view the event details:

  • Select “Events” on the lower tab of the menu bar panel to be navigated to the Event List Screen.
  • Go to the “All Events” section to view the list of events created in the system with date and type specified.

The “Filter” button is located on the upper right of the Events List screen and allows selecting certain types of events for display based on the date and event type (conference, exhibition, fundraiser, meeting, performance, workshop) (Pic. 11.1.1).

Pic. 11.1.1 Event List
  • Tap the selected event to be navigated to the Event Details screen. On the Event details screen you will see a full description of the event with start/end date, address, venue, Google Map location, contact phone, contact e-mail, attached files. You may also use social media tabs to share the event or tap the event registration button.

The “My Events” section displays the events the contact is registered for. The events are sorted by date, with more details coming upon the tap on the specified event. The details include (Pic. 11.1.2): description, start/end date, participants, contact email, address, Google Map location, contact e-mail.

Pic.11.1.2 Event Details