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Use Cases

The CiviMobile app use cases vary with the type of nonprofit organization, size, activities, funding, etc. To better understand the benefits consider the list of some essential use cases:

  • Create or update contacts on the spot. Tracking organization membership is just one of many activities an employee is involved in. Daily they send out numerous emails, call random houses, meet with prospects or supporters, host fundraising events in search of new members and donations. No wonder that the capability of adding contacts to the CiviCRM database on the go takes a load off the shoulders. Plus, it’s not like organization members can always answer the phone, have access to their emails or carry notebooks or laptops wherever they go. What if they get distracted at the workplace and the need to move the contact from the notebook to the database simply escapes their memory? CiviMobile allows adding contact information and creating profiles the moment the contacts are made.

  • Facilitate communication. Once the account is created, it offers the contacts a personalized experience, while employees get a chance to manage the organization constituents more efficiently. Suppose one of the employees attended a fundraising event where they made new contacts or found supporters. The profile can be created on the go and with all required information. For better management, the contacts can be grouped or marked with tags, while specific information jotted down in CiviMobile Notes. This way, all required information is readily available to constituents next time the appointment with the contact is on. Push notifications will serve as a reminder.

  • Manage tasks efficiently. Non-profit employees spend their working days interacting with contacts and completing other mission-oriented tasks, both inside and outside the offices. Consider the scenario when you as an employee have an appointment with a contact, but you seem to have lost your way, or maybe you are running late. You may not have contact information in your phone contact book or a note with a phone number in your pocket, but definitely in CiviMobile app. Build a route to your destination in one click or call the client, the choice is yours. With CiviMobile no way contact information drops out of sight lost somewhere among private contacts.

  • Optimize collaboration between geographically dispersed constituents. An organization development staff, volunteer coordinator or fundraising manager might work in different branches across the country or outside, especially when the organization goes global, expands its nonprofit’s offerings to another country or merges with another non-profit. In cases like these, staff members still get to access the same real-time data on the go, irrespective of their whereabouts. Say the field organizer is currently running some local/international outreach program or GOTV programs door-to-door, an on-the-go access to schedule and real-time updates on case activities made by co-workers from other branches might be essential.

  • Keep your contacts in the loop. Organization officers heavily depend on the ability to monitor calls or notifications, set up an appointment or schedule a call at speed and on the road. To give an example, the treasury officer who oversees the financial responsibilities of the organization creates an activity associated with financial planning and adds other members to the activity by setting the time and date of the meeting with the required details. Assuming the treasurer is leaving for the conference and the financial planning is a burning issue that can’t be scheduled for a later date. The treasurer then reschedules the activity for the earliest possible date before the trip. With the app installed on the smartphone, the colleagues are most likely to instantly catch up on the rescheduled meet-up. What’s more, the treasurer might add an activity to the case and monitor the status of activities within the case.

  • Identify incoming calls from CRM contacts.  Contact records you add or update in CiviMobile are not automatically synced to the contact list on your mobile device. Obviously, not all of CRM contacts are directly associated with you.  Still some contacts may fall into your daily communication network, or you work to develop closer relationships with supporters or your job duties make you maintain close contact with some prospects. In such cases, you might want to be able to identify incoming calls from CRM contacts. CiviMobile makes it possible in one tap to automatically create and update a contact record on a user device when creating or updating a contact record in CiviMobile.  Apart from identifying incoming calls, the functionality  reduces the risk of error by automating data entry.

  • Coordinate stress-free events. When an organization hosts events, CiviMobile supports event coordination. To illustrate, a non-profit plans an event dedicated to discussion with non-profit leaders the opportunities and implications of artificial intelligence in the non-profit space. Employees responsible for event coordination use CiviMobile to add all members of the event and ensure the payments have been submitted by using a QR scanner to identify the unique QR code. CiviMobile provides opportunities for volunteers to coordinate events on-site with ease. Let’s say an organization sets out to host a forum to discuss how new and accounting and auditing standards will impact not-for-profit entities. Volunteers will use CiviMobile app to manage the flow of attendees by checking-in participants, tapping the participants’ profiles, checking their statuses and roles, giving directions or showing them to their seats.

  • Manage multi-track events.  CiviMobile provides tools for planning efficiently large multi-track events that extend through multiple dates and locations. Event participants will have all required info about sessions, speakers and venues at their fingerprints. Any updates or alterations that happen in the agenda are instantly visible to event participants, who can make changes to their personal schedule on the go. When events are held across many venues, the participants have schema and addresses of all event sites in the mobile app to check any time or switch to navigation directly within the app.

  • Acquire new members. Non-profits rely heavily on donations. Suppose a person or company wants to make a monetary donation to help the diseased, support people in need, etc. Yet they may have no idea that your non-profit even exists. When the branded app is available on the app store, people searching via the app store to find places nearby can find or recognize you and choose your charity to support. CiviMobile Public Area and News feed fit the purpose equally well.  No need to have a CiviCRM account or membership in the organization to be able to register for public events, learn more about organization initiatives. Gradually common values are being shared, common goals developed, strong ties built and new membership acquired.