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View Contact Details

The type of information displayed on the contact profile page is associated with an individual, organization, or household. The profile of an individual contains such information as name, phone, email address, website, address, gender, birthday date. The organization profile includes the list of participants and address with the approximate location on the map.

Follow these steps to browse the details of a contact:

  • Select “Contacts” from the menu bar
  • Select the contact you want to view
Pic. 8.2.1 Contact Profile Page

You can make a call, send an email, view a calendar, contact’s relationships, memberships, contributions, or note details directly from the profile page. Tap the phone icon next to the phone number, or the envelope button next to the email address. Or use the icons below the profile picture to reach the contact, view the calendar and other details.

Pic. 8.2.2 Contact Profile Icons

The profiles allow viewing additional information by simply clicking Additional info button in the bottom middle of the contact profile (for ref. see section Add custom fields).