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Register for Paid Events

Register for paid events within the app through an integrated payment processor to ensure the secure and fast transaction. Payment processor (PayPal, Autorize.Net, Stripe, etc.) will communicate securely payment information between the payment sender and receiver, the issuing and acquiring bank.

Follow these steps to register for paid events:

  • Tap “Register” button on the Event details screen.
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address and put a checkmark next to the fee amount.
  • Tap “Register” button linked to the Payment page.
  • Select payment processor (e.g., PayPal payment button) and log in to your account (e.g., PayPal account) (Pic. 11.3.1)
Pic. 11.3.1 Registering for Paid Events

The payment processor will now send the information to the bank that issued the sender card. After verification, the bank approves the transaction and payment is completed.

Follow these steps to add the payment processor in your CiviCRM and enable in-app event registration (for event organizers):

  • Create PayPal, Stripe, Autorize.Net, etc.  account to be able to collect the funds from registration.
  • Go to the CiviCRM admin panel, select Administer > System Setting > Payment Processors.
  • Click “Add payment processors” in Payment Processor Form.
  • Select Payment Processor (PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, or other) and fill all required fields (Pic.11.3.2).
Pic. 11.3.2 Payment Processor Form
  • Go to the Configure Event page and switch to the “Fee” tab to check the radio button “Yes” for Paid Event.
  • Switch to the “Online Registration” tab and check the box to enable online registration.

Every time you create a paid event, make sure to configure it as paid on the Configure Event page.