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News in Public Area

Public Newsfeed opens access for unregistered users to a stream of the latest updates the organization is willing to share. User will see a list of news which includes: text title and description, image, publishing date and author name.

News public access is enabled on CiviCRM Web version.  Follow these steps to enable the functionality:

  • Go to Administer > CiviMobileAPI Settings.
  • Check the box “Show News in Public Area” on CiviMobileAPI Settings.
  • Add News RSS feed URL.
Pic. 15.2.1 Admin Settings

When the connection to the server is established while public access to events and news allowed, the user will be able to navigate between two separate sections: “Public Events” and “News” by tapping the “Events” or “News” icons at the bottom tab.

Pic. 15.2.2 News Feed