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Public Events & Registration

When Public area is activated by admin, unregistered users will be able to view and register for events which are marked as public.

All available events will show up on public view. Upon the tap on the specified event the user will see the event details: description, start/end date, participants, contact email, address, Google map location. The public area functionality allows registering for the selected events. 

After the form has been filled and registration completed, the participant will receive a ticket with a QR code for use at the event entrance. 

Pic.15.1.1 Public Event View and Registration

Follow these steps to activate public events:

  • Go to “Administer” > “CiviMobileAPI Settings”.
  • Check the box “Enable CiviMobile for Anonymous Users”.
  • Check the box “Show Events in Public Area”.
Pic.15.1.2 Admin Settings