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Conduct Survey

Once you have survey set up and respondents reserved for the survey, you may go out “in the field” and solicit opinions.

The app-assisted canvassing campaign runs fast and smooth in just few steps:

  1. Select the contact from the reserved respondent list.
  2. Tap the “Start” button on the Contact Details screen to launch in-person canvassing.
  3. Each question will appear on the Question screen by itself.
  4. Contacts provide answers to questions, while interviewers capture responses and tap “Next” to advance through the quiz. Interviewer may tap “Previous” to return to prior questions to check respondent’s answers or return to questions left blank.
Pic. 16.7.1 Survey Questions
  1. Before the survey is complete, the interviewer can:
    • Add Notes.
    • Choose Status (list of custom statuses created in CiviCRM, see section 16.1).
    • View Summary of answers.
    • Edit answers.
  1. Tap “Complete” to save all answers

Data is instantly saved in a server location, available for analysis at any time. User will be redirected to the Reserved Respondents screen.

Be sure to configure permissions appropriately.