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View Activity Details

From the Activities List Screen expands further to give you a clear picture of all the essential details related to the specific activity.

Follow these steps to view the activity details (Pic. 13.2.1):

  • Navigate to the Activity List Screen by tapping “Activities” on the lower tab of the menu bar panel.
  • Select the required activity from the list to be redirected to the Activity Details Screen.
Pic. 13.2.1 Activity Details

Tap the specific activity to view the following details based on the activity type:

  • name,
  • date and time,
  • activity type,
  • status,
  • priority,
  • performer,
  • creator,
  • responsible one,
  • details,
  • duration.

The activity details are editable and can be accessed from the Activity details screen upon a tap on the pencil icon in the upper right corner (Pic. 13.2.2).

Pic. 13.2.2 Edit Activity