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Add or Edit Custom Fields

View data that are related to the organization’s specific area of interest, by clicking the “Additional info” button on the bottom of the contact profile.

Click “Additional info” button to access Custom Fields group screen with the contact’s language level, awards, high school graduation date or any other information that might be important to the organization. You may choose to edit data in custom fields by clicking the “Edit” button next to the custom field. Then change the details.

Pic. 8.6.1 Additional Info

Custom fields are added in the web version of CiviMobile. Follow these steps to create custom fields:

  • Go to Administer > Customize Data and Screens > Custom Fields
  • Click the “Add Set of Custom Fields” button to create the custom fields group and fill in the required fields:

— Set Name – the title of Custom Group;

— Used For – select Contacts type, because CiviMobile will use custom field for contacts only;

— Order – regulate the order of the custom groups displayed in the contact profile

  • After being redirected to “Custom Field Set” open “Create Custom Field” form by clicking the “Add Custom Field” button and filling in the required fields:

— Field Label – title Custom Field;

— Data Field Type – select data types to be stored in the custom field (alphanumeric, integer, number, note, link, and other);

— Input Field Type – select the type of data input (Text, Select, Checkbox, Radiobox);

— Database field length – the maximum number of characters a user will be able to enter in the field;

— Order – the order of the Custom Field display in Custom Group;

  • Once you selected such Input Field Type as Select, Checkbox or Radiobox enter options to select from:
Pic. 8.6.2 Custom Field Configuration

Click the “Save” button and the custom field will be created.