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Enable Agenda

The “Agenda” section will be displayed on the Event details screen in CiviMobile. It will include three buttons: Sessions, Speakers and Venues (Pic. 12.1.1).

Pic. 12.1.1 Event details

Before users have access to “Agenda” on their mobile devices, the functionality must be enabled from the admin panel of the CiviCRM web version first.

Follow these steps to have “Agenda”:

  • Go to the CiviCRM admin penal and create an event: Events > New Event > Agenda tab.
  • Click the checkbox “Show Event Agenda” (Pic. 12.1.2).

When the checkbox is selected, “Agenda” is available in CiviMobile.

Pic. 12.1.2 Configure Event

Unless the checkbox “Show Event Agenda” on Configure Event page is selected in CiviCRM web version,  the “Agenda” section will not be displayed on the Event details page in CiviMobile.