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Update Contact Details

Use the opportunity to add missing data or update the existing contact info in CiviCRM profiles when doing door-to-door canvassing. Update profiles the exact moment you have face-to-face conversations with respondents.

Follow these steps to view/update contact info when carrying out a survey:

  • Go to the Reserved respondents screen.
  • Tap the selected respondent to be redirected to the Contact details screen (Pic. 16.5.1).
Pic. 16.5.1 Contact details

When configuring a survey in CiviCRM, you create Contact profile for the survey with a set of fields that will contain required contact information. These fields are displayed on the Contact details screen and can be pre-populated or empty.  For details see section 16.1 View Survey List & Details.

  • Press “Edit” to add missing data or update the existing info (Pic. 16.5.1).

Verify that appropriate permissions are assigned.