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Monitor where the donations come from and track their history with CiviMobile Contributions functionality. You will see the whole picture of all annual transactions made by you or organization members since the first contribution.

The information displayed includes the financial type title, the date the contribution was received, amount, contribution status.

Follow these steps to track contributions:

  • Tap the “More” button on the Menu tab bar of the contact profile
  • Select the “Contributions” menu button
  • View the “Contributions list” on the screen (Pic.10.1)
Pic. 10.1 Contributions

The All Contributions section displays the following information:

  • Type of financial contribution;
  • The date the contribution was received;
  • The amount submitted
  • Contribution status

Tap the “Summary” button to find two tabs, giving information about contributions made in the current calendar year (Current tab) and for the whole period (Total tab) (Pic. 10.2).

Pic. 10.2 Contributions Summary

The information displayed includes:

  • Amount – the amount of contributions with status Completed
  • Average amount – the average amount of contributions with status Completed
  • Completed – contribution totals with status completed