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User Guide


App Overview

CiviMobile App allows CiviCRM users to have the best nonprofit CRM within arm’s reach at all times. Accessed through an icon on the smartphone’s desktop, it empowers nonprofit employees with wide functionality while keeping all data in one place.   

Installing CiviMobile App means going mobile without losing a firm grip with the CiviCRM database; keeping up with contacts, events, etc. without endless notetaking; keeping the personal touch with constituents without getting too pushy. When doing fieldwork or having face-to-face interactions outside the office, just reach out to your pocket and add or edit details to your contacts, events, cases, memberships and contributions, subscribe to an event or update yourself on latest news and changes. 

Made more accessible with CiviMobile app, CiviCRM extends its functionality to mobile teams, ensures that employees stay in tune with updates, have an event coordination tool at hand and opportunity to handle internal processes or forge deeper relationships with contacts, fundraisers and prospects all the time.          

CiviMobile offers rich CiviCRM experience on the phone. This includes: 

  • generating new contacts with just one touch of your fingertip, organizing them, updating their personal data, tracking their relationships with other constituents; 
  • viewing any additional relevant information about contacts in custom fields configured in CiviCRM; 
  • scheduling appointments, creating tasks, having an immediate access to created cases, assigned activities or subscribed events in Calendar; 
  • tracking all contributions, event payments, donations from third parties, and membership fees while filtering them by date and time; 
  • viewing and renewing your membership status; 
  • searching through and registering to events right away; checking event details and sharing them just in one click; 
  • registering and tracking participants to events, sending or scanning tickets at the entrance;
  • applying adjustable filters and sorting;
  • configuring the app to required needs and preferences.

CiviMobile keeps all data protected against any unauthorized use and server-side attacks. It’s achieved with data encryption, secure log-in process, strong user authentication and authorization. All private data are kept safe during Server data transfer as CiviMobile extension uses CiviMobile REST API to connect to CiviCRM. One may also manage permission rights and keep data on the server to distribute roles and achieve higher security accordingly.