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Membership Renewal

Renew your membership status in one tap through the trusted payment processing system (PayPal, Stripe, Autorize.Net, etc.), integrated into the app. In-app mobile payment functionality provides for secure membership renewal.

Follow these steps to renew membership:

  • Select “Membership” on the main side menu bar.
  • Tap the “Renew” button on the Membership details screen.
  • Select an integrated third-party payment processors (PayPal, Autorize.Net, Stripe, etc.) (Pic. 9.3.1).
Pic. 9.3.1 Membership Renewal

The functionality eliminates the need to note down the receiver card credentials or type them in every time users register for upcoming events.

Follow these steps to configure membership renewal:

  • Add payment processor in CiviCRM (Administer > System Setting > Payment Processors) (Par. 11.3 Register for Paid Events).
  • Add required membership types (Administer > CiviMember > Membership Types).
  • Assign an active payment processor to Membership renewal page (Administer > CiviContribute > Manage Contribution Page > Amount tab) (Pic. 9.3.2).
Pic. 9.3.2 Configure Membership Renewal