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View Speaker List, Details & Profiles

The “Agenda” section also contains the “Speakers” button that gives you one-tap access to the list of speakers running sessions, holding discussions, delivering speeches at the event. The speaker list will include all participants who are speakers at least in one session (Pic 12.4.1).

Pic. 12.4.1 Speaker List

The Speakers screen will bring into view the speaker photo, first and last name, position, company name.  A tap on a name will redirect to the Speaker Details screen with more detailed info, in particular (Pic. 12.4.2):

  • description of the speaker’s experience, qualifications and interests
  • sessions where contact has the speaker role
  • redirect to the company profile (after a tap on Company name below the contact photo, only for logged-in users)
  • redirect to the speaker profile after a tap on Speaker avatar
Pic. 12.4.2 Speaker Details

To add speakers to the list and populate data about their personae, go to CiviCRM admin panel and complete the following steps:

  • Create an event from the CiviCRM admin penal, change an active tab to “Agenda” and click the checkbox “Show Event Agenda” (Par. 12.1).
  • Switch to the “Sessions” tab and click the “Add Session” button (Pic. 12.1.2).
  • Fill in the required fields (Pic. 12.2.2). When adding a speaker, select a participant from the list. If a speaker is not registered as a participant, click the “Add” icon and do it right away from the New Event Registration page (Pic. 12.4.3).  Click on the “Participant” field to select from the list of contacts or create a new contact (“New Individual”).
  • Add the description of the speaker’s experience, qualifications, interests, etc. in the “Note” field.
  • Add biography into the “Bio” field.
Pic. 12.4.3 New Registration Screen

Switch to the “Speaker” tab to view the list and to edit information about speakers.