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Reserve Respondents

After a survey has been set up, the next step is reserving respondents and compiling a respondent list. In other words, you need to create a group of contacts you plan on interviewing.

A tap on “Respondents” section redirects the user to the Reserved Respondents list, displaying the list of contacts you are seeking responses from. Touch the “+” icon in the top-right corner of the Reserved Respondents screen and start adding (reserving) respondents (Pic. 16.2.1).

Pic.16.2.1 Survey Details and Reserving Respondents

You may reserve:

  • individual contacts by selecting from the list of your contacts. You may limit your search by entering contact name, address, city or selecting contact type from the dropdown menu (Pic. 16.2.2). Then tap “Apply” button, check required contacts or select all and tap “Reserve”;
Pic.16.2.2 Reserving Respondents (separate contacts)
  • group of contacts by selecting an existing group and tapping “Select All”(Pic. 16.2.3). ACL roles restrict interviewer’s access, giving permissions to view and edit only certain groups of contacts (see section “ACL Roles”).
  • individual contacts from the group by selecting an existing group and then putting a checkmark next to a contact (Pic. 16.2.3).
Pic.16.2.3 Reserving group of contacts

Aside from reserving an existing group, you may create one specifically for the survey (see section Manage Groups) and then proceed to reserve respondents.
Make sure user has required permissions to add contacts to Reserved respondents list.