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Get Info on Event Venues

When events are held across many venues, event participants will have addresses and all required info about event sessions sites in CiviMobile to refer to at any moment.

The user taps “Venues” button on the Event details screen to be redirected to the Venues list screen. All active venues are displayed with a small circle next to each, showing the same colors as the ones highlighting sessions held in those venues in the session calendar (Pic. 12.5.1).

Pic. 12.5.1. Venue List & Venues Details

For more information tap a specific venue and the Venue details screen opens with the following details:

  • venue description
  • venue schema giving the visual presentation of event premises (indoor/outdoor spaces, parking, seating charts, location of booths, stalls and facilities etc)
  • venue location displaying address with indication on the map

Complete the following steps to add and configure event venues in CiviCRM:

  • Go to the “Venues” tab of the Configure Event page (Par. 12.1).
  • Click “Add Venue” and fill in the fields (Pic. 12.5.2).
Pic. 12.5.2 Add Venue

The venue can be located at a different address from the event location. The venues will be linked to the corresponding location and can be reused in the future with other events in this location. For example, the above-mentioned event took place by the address Grillparzerstraße 26, 8010 (Pic. 12.5.2) at a physical location with several sites (venues) where the given event was held (Pic. 12.5.3). Next time the user creates the event by the same address, the venues will be autopopulated.

Pic. 12.5.3 Location Venues

CiviMobile supports multiple attachments for the venue. Event organizers can add multiple venue schemas with pins to mark indoor/outdoor parking spaces, driving routes, seating charts, location of session rooms, booths, stalls and facilities, areas for downtime etc.

Follow these steps to set up maximum number of attachment you plan to add:

  • Navigate to Administer > System Setting > Misc.
  • Enter the maximum number of attachment (Pic. 12.5.4).
Pic. 12.5.4 Maximum Attachments