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Assign Relationships

Track relationships between individuals, organizations in your database with CiviMobile Relationship functionality.

Tap the “More” button on the Menu tab bar of the contact profile to access relationships and view how the contact in question is related to other contacts from your database. The information displayed includes: the name and contact photo of a related individual or organization, type of relationships, and start/end date of the relationship.

Follow these steps to assign relationships:

  • Tap the “+” button in the top right of the Relationships screen (Pic. 8.7.1).
  • Add the required information: select Relationship Type out of the list*, enter Contact(s) into the search contact screen and add the start/end date (Pic. 8.7.1).
Pic. 8.7.1 Relationships

Tap More Options (“…”) icon to edit, disable or delete the record.

*Relationship Type can be added in the web version of CiviMobile.

Follow these steps to create a new relationship type:

  • Go to Administer > Customize Data and Screen > Relationship Type.
  • Tap “Add Relationship Type” button to create Relationship Type or “Edit” – to edit Relationship Type and “More” – to disable or delete Relationship Type.
Pic. 8.7.2 Create New Relationship Type