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Participate in Petitions

Follow these steps to participate in the petition:

  1. Select an active petition from the petition list.
  2. Unregistered users will fill in the contact fields. A registered user will have contact fields automatically filled out. Check the info. As you update contact info, the changes will be automatically made in your profile.
Pic. 17.2.2 New Petitions and Check Data
  1. Tap “Start” button on the Petition screen to respond to petition question(s).
  2. Each question will appear on the Question screen by itself.
  3. Contacts provide answers to questions, tap “Next” to advance through the petition. The interviewer may tap “Previous” to return to prior questions to check the respondent’s answers or return to questions left blank.
  4. Before the petition is complete, review your responses and make changes, if necessary.
Pic. 17.2.1 Petition Question and Summary
  1. Tap “Complete” to save your responses. When completed, the petition will be displayed under the “Completed” tab. The petition will also appear in the list of completed petitions of the registered user.
  2. Return to the petition list.
Pic. 17.2.3 Complete petitions and Contact Petitions