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Manage Groups

Organize contacts in groups to manage them easily. With Groups functionality you’ll streamline such daily tasks as setting up access rights, sharing files, sending emails or invitations to members of the same group, making instant calls.

Access Groups of Contacts

Follow these steps to access Groups:

  • Tap the “More” button on the Menu tab bar of the contact profile
  • Select the Group’s menu tab and access the Groups list screen with three available sections: Actual, Past and Smart Groups.

The Actual Group’s section displays the list of groups the contact is currently a member

The Past Groups section gives information about the list of groups the contact is no longer a member

The Smart Groups section is configured to automatically add contacts that share specific common characteristics.

  • Tap More Options (“…”) icon that opens a pop-up window with the following options:

— Remove (contact will be removed from the selected group and the group will move to the Past groups section) or Delete (contact will be removed from the selected group and the group – deleted from the group list) for Actual Groups;

— Rejoin (contact will be included into the selected group and the group added to the Actual groups section) or Delete for Past Groups (the selected group will be deleted from the group list).

Pic. 8.8.1 Contact Profile Menu Items

Add Contact to the Group

Follow these steps to add a contact to the group:

  • Tap the “+” button in the upper right corner to access the Groups screen
  • Search for the required group by typing the group name in the Find groups field
  • Select the group or groups from a set of checkboxes
  • Tap the “Add” button
Pic. 8.8.2 Groups page

Use the web version to add a new group to the group list.

To create additional group types, go to Administer > System Settings > Option Groups > Add New Option Group.

Pic. 8.8.3 Groups