Donations to volunteer projects

At the beginning of the Russian intervention and Crimea annexation a powerful volunteer movement was formed in Ukraine, which already in May 2015, according to the calculations of Ukrainian politician and entrepreneur Davyd Arahamia, numbered about 14.5 thousand people and 2.5 thousand independent organizations. Today, in 2022, the number of people involved in the support and defense of the country is much higher than eight years ago – they feed, clothe, and arm the troops of the Armed Forces, join the Territorial Defense and the National Police, help utility companies and provide moral as well as financial support. 

One of such non-profit organizations is the Commonwealth of Christian Students of Ukraine (CCX Ukraine), the main goal of which is the integration of Christian values into everyday life. Together with the company Agiliway, they created a system to facilitate the accounting of donors and charitable contributions. In particular, everyone, willing to help, enters personal data, the amount and the currency in which the transaction should take place in a special form. To register on the website, you can use Gmail, Facebook, or YouTube accounts. 

After confirming the payment, the user goes to the LiqPay service. For convenient administration, the platform provides for the automatic formation of the allocation of funds. 

To make a transaction, you need to enter payment card details or choose another most convenient payment method (for example, use the 24Pay or Google Pay applications). 

Digitizing the donation process has become more accessible thanks to the integration of Drupal’s modular content management system, hooks and the custom LiqPay Donation module. In particular, this module uses functionality designed to automatically redirect the user to the appropriate LiqPay form in the client’s profile. In addition, the platform administrator has access to the database and can view all user activities. 

Nowadays, CCX Ukraine supports five projects related to the support of Christian education of students from different parts of Ukraine, educational and socio-cultural initiatives. And although a significant part of the funds for the organization of events comes from Western partners, about 20% of the cost is paid by Ukrainian benefactors. 

We would like to remind you that everyone who makes a donation for the activities of the organization has the right to receive a tax discount (according to Article 166 of the Tax Code of Ukraine). 

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