CiviCRM Is Fully Localized For One More Country

One confident step and the road to the larger target audience as well as global markets got shorter.  With a thorough preparation and the right team, Agiliway has filled in another gap in CiviCRM localization.

While working on CiviCRM customization for one of the Ukrainian political organizations, we checked the progress of the Ukrainian localization only to discover a few thousand strings still waiting for translation. To make matters worse, the bulk of localized strings did not correspond semantically with the source language text.

Definitely not something that would drive Agiliway team to a halt. We decided to take the matter into our own hands and get CiviCRM fully localized into the Ukrainian language. A team of professional linguists has been put together to translate the missing bits, verify and polish already completed text strings to a brilliant sheen.  

To have the feel of a software tool originally designed for the target market, our team of translators worked to adapt text strings for the Ukrainian language and culture by:

  • processing end-user scenarios
  • adapting to linguistic conventions
  • creating and maintaining terminology glossaries for unanimity
  • sustaining the balance between form, meaning and use.

Close cooperation with Agiliway development team made it possible to use certain established file through Transifex service,  build a bank of translation phrases, sentences, paragraphs that reappear several times in the project or in updates and thus speed up processing by localization tools and avoid human-factor errors.

The CiviCRM localization project went far beyond translation stage and involved functional quality assurance and verification by real clients. This way we ensured a seamless launch this summer.  

Eight labour-intensive weeks, more than twelve thousand phrases verified and almost one and half thousand lines of code submitted… and we are proud to announce that 100% full Ukrainian localization for CiviCRM comes ready for use!