CiviMobile Push Notifications

What is Push Notification?

Push Notifications are pop-up messages that can reach audiences anywhere and anytime. They are “pushed” by the backend server to users of mobile applications. CiviCRM will “push” calendar reminders and notifications about different activities in the system. For example, Push Notifications could be used to remind CiviMobile user about an upcoming event or inform that new activity has been assigned.

Why register?

In order to use Push Notifications you must register at and generate your own Server Key. Server Key is used for security purposes. It assures that messages CiviCRM server sends to you will not be accessed by other users of CiviMobile app.

How to enable Push Notifications

To activate Push Notifications for your CiviCRM server, please proceed as follows:

  1. Register at
  2. Add domain of your CiviCRM and view your Server Key
  3. Enter your Server key on the CiviMobileAPI Setting Page of your CiviCRM

Register to generate your own Server Key