NGOs monthly news overview – April

One more month has passed, so let’s see what happens in the world of non-profit and non-governmental organizations in the United States and Europe.

So, let’s start with the world’s famous social media and its volunteer achievements.

During the existence of Facebook fundraising system, they gathered over $5 billion. Since the online platform began promoting donations in 2015, Facebook’s fundraising activities have raised a total of $5 billion for non-commercial and private purposes. “In 2015, the Ice Bucket Challenge inspired for the first-generation funds (fundraising) on Facebook,” Facebook non-profit manager Caitlin Yankovsky. Its latest innovative technology was launched in December 2020, which allowed Facebook users to raise funds in its stream of channels, making it more influential than Instagram Stories or Live stream.

Numerous innovations on Facebook are funded to help facilitate grants. Tweets include donation opportunities and simpler social stock campaigns. Facebook provides cost processing when donations are provided by nonprofits. Facebook’s priorities changed during the first years of fundraising. During 2016 and 2017, the main categories were health and mental health. In 2018, the problems come to equality and civil justice.

Until 2019, environmental problems and elimination of the consequences of natural disasters collected, including important means of victims of the “Dorian” Hurricane and a strong earthquake in Albania. In 2020, environmental problems shared first place with the humanitarian crisis. Taking into account the diverse nature of Coronavirus Pandemic’s fundraising, such as medical research, small business recovery, and the need for personal protective equipment, fundraising has begun to mitigate the impact of CoviD-19, is a challenge, said Jankowski. He hopes that the answer to the pandemics in different ways, as well as public concern, is still an important Facebook fundraising effort for 2021.

Technology that helps NGOs and increases the total efficiency

According to surveys, more than 60 percent of NGOs think that social networks will be very effective in raising awareness of the Internet. Therefore, it has been determined that social media is very effective in creating social change. Technology enables organizations to connect to people through the positive conversion set – a crucial role in sustainable development.

The Internet infrastructure will continue to improve around the world, which means that NGOs are given more opportunities to use the Internet to promote charity and create social change by 2025. Almost all global NGOs have a Facebook page, and more than seventy presents are Twitter users. Evaluation of the efficiency of the network technology of the tools used, most of the respondents said they were somewhat effective, except for Instagram.

Thirty-five percent said that text messages are very effective to communicate with the beneficiaries with subsequent email updates. According to the report, 69% of the NGOs said that social media were very effective to create brand awareness on the internet, while 40% said that social media were very effective in creating a social change.

Finally, let’s take a look at the technological trends that have emerged in the nonprofit sector this year:

Increased use of multimedia stories

Multimedia stories like videos and podcasts will be more valuable than before. Nonprofits need to create people who attract and copy people because even more content will make internet noise. In 2021 82% of all Internet traffic users will be video platforms like Arabella Delucco, Wexl.

Social networks as tools for communication

I suspect that one of the technical tendencies that seem to be profit organizations are using social networks as a tool to communicate with donors, stakeholders, and customers. I see crowdfunding, programs, and mobile services as a means to increase social impact. – Courtney Smith, Detroit Center Phoenix.

Increase mobile donations

Much of the nonprofit’s sector involving donors and online delivery has become increasing, but because of the pandemic. Mobile delivery is a trend that should increase this year. With remote control, as it is the safest way to provide, it is ideally suited for nonprofits to be as transparent to donors as possible.

That’s a short tech news overview that has happened during this month in nonprofits and NGOs.

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