2020 in Recap & Season’s Greetings from CiviMobile team

The holiday season is already upon us, festive mood is on, holiday experiences are most welcome. Almost there!    

There’s only one thing left to do. Join us to pay full tribute to the festive season by reflecting on the triumphs of the passing year. For CiviMobile team and community the passing year was full of accomplishments.   

  • With three times as many downloads as the year before, CiviMobile team proved to have a good understanding of the app high-end users.
  • In 2020 CiviMobile opened one more interaction channel, CiviMobile Public Area, with new opportunities to engage wider audience and raise the organization profile among guest users.
  • All nonprofits that run CiviCRM on a Drupal 8 site now benefit from convenient CRM data access, data collection and data management on the go.
  • The app extended its event management functionality and evolved into an all-in-one event planning and management tool for efficiently running large multi-track events with multiple locations.
  • Relevant and personalized push notifications will keep users informed 24/7 and on the go about updates in CiviCRM.
  • The app meets the needs of fundraisers, supporters and all individuals who care for the fast and secure in-app payment functionality. Registering for events or renewing membership dues doesn’t take a moment.
  • Users can now identify incoming calls from CRM contacts and automate data entry by synchronizing CiviMobile contact records to the contact list on the mobile device.
  • The app supports ACL roles, enabling greater precision in permissions.

And there is far more in store for the coming year. New year resolutions bold and challenging as they might be are oftentimes easily forgotten. They end with the last second of the New Year countdown or keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed until you slip up on the weakened willpower or enthusiasm. Not the case with CiviMobile team. We ring in a new year with a feeling of genuine accomplishment and gratitude to the growing CiviMobile community.

Your support and interest in CiviMobile is what keeps us going and helps us grow. Sending our warmest Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes your way for a wonderful holiday season. Stay with us and be sure to receive the special gift from us in January.

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